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Partial relaxation of infection control regulations, and travel restrictions being lifted, allow the aviation and transport industries to resume to a more normal business schedule. However, personal safety items such as respirators might never disappear from public life again.

Be it in the realm of a pandemic or not, enclosed spaces, limited or no ventilation and sometimes several hours in a confined space with many people are risky conditions for everyone's health.

To ensure that staff and customers are protected, Virshields offers a wide range of products from everyday masks, to medical-grade facemasks (Type IIR), to filtering half masks (FFP2). Disposable facemasks specifically designed for children are also available in our online shop now. Hospitals, clinics and laboratories, as well as customers from the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology sector already count on the Virshields quality.

Our range includes 3- or 5-layer protective masks, made of skin-friendly filter fleece. Thanks to their flexible shape, as well as the adjustable nose clip, the respiratory masks fit practically any face and at the same time maintain a professional and groomed appearance.

Virshields manufactures exclusively in Europe. Our masks are CE certified (DIN EN 14683:2019+AC:2019), comply with ISO 13485 as well as ISO 14644 space class 8 for medical products and are entirely latex-free.

Order now and see for yourself. Our consultants are happy to help. Benefit from our reliable service, fast delivery and guaranteed availability.

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